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How To Draw Togepi

Today’s tutorial will be over how to draw Togepi, Pokemon #175. A couple of you have requested this one during the slew of Pokemon tutorials..

How To Draw Charizard

To keep the Pokemon theme going here lately, today we are going to learn how to draw Charizard. Let’s get going! To get Charizard started,..

How To Draw Mewtwo

Today we will be learning how to draw Mewtwo, the 150th Pokemon. Shortly after I posted the tutorial on how to draw Mew, several of..

How To Draw Mew

Today I will be fulfilling another reader request, and we’ll be learning how to draw Mew. For anyone who grew up in the 90’s or..

How To Draw Squirtle

Today we’re going to be drawing one of everyone’s favorite Pokemon, Squirtle. Half squirrel, half turtle, he’s kind of a hot mess. But for anyone..