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How To Draw Oddish Pokemon

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to draw Oddish, Pokemon #43. Oddish is an adorable grass type pokemon who evolves into Gloom—then eventually into Vileplume or Bellossom. So if you’d like to learn how to draw Oddish, grab your pencils and let’s go!


How To Draw Oddish Step 1

Step 1

To get Oddish started, we will first need to draw a large circular shape for his body. Oddish has a very simple body plan, and sort of resembles an onion, making him a very simple pokemon to draw!


How To Draw Oddish Step 2

Step 2

Next, draw a large leaf sticking straight up from the top of Oddish’s body. This leaf should be slightly longer than the height of the body.


How To Draw Oddish Step 3

Step 3

Next, draw four more similar sized and shaped leaves on top of Oddish’s head.


How To Draw Oddish Step 4

Step 4

Next, draw to large oval feet beneath Oddish’s body that are connected by very small and thin legs.


How To Draw Oddish Step 5

Step 5

Next, draw two tiny circular eyes in the middle of Oddish’s body.


How To Draw Oddish Step 6

Step 6

All that’s left to do now is to draw a large “U” shape for Oddish’s mouth, with a curved line inside for a tongue.


How To Draw Oddish Step 7

Step 7

Give Oddish a little color– dark blue for the body and bright green leaves, and he’s all done! I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw Oddish with me. If you did, be sure to check out the rest of our tutorials so you can learn how to draw countless other pokemon! Happy drawing!