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How To Draw Sobble Pokemon

Today I’ll be showing you how to draw Sobble! Sobble is one of the Generation 8 starter Pokemon along with Grookey and Scorbunny who are part of Sword and Shield. So if you’d like to learn how to draw Sobble… get your pencils and lets go!


How To Draw Sobble Step 1

Step 1

The first step to drawing Sobble is to draw a large circle for his head, with a crest on top of his head that is sort of shaped like a butterfly wing.


How To Draw Sobble Step 2

Step 2

Next, draw a very small oval shape underneath Sobble’s head for his body.


How To Draw Sobble Step 3

Step 3

Draw a large oval shape behind Sobble’s back with a spiral inside of it for Sobble’s tail.


How To Draw Sobble Step 4

Step 4

Now we need to draw Sobble’s eyes. Draw two large vertical ovals with large oval shaped irises inside, along with a tiny circle under each of Sobble’s eyes.


How To Draw Sobble Step 5

Step 5

To finish Sobble’s face, draw a sort of upside down “V” shaped line between his eyes, and a large oval for his wide open mouth.


How To Draw Sobble Step 6

Step 6

Next, draw Sobbles short curved arms below his head, pointing down toward the ground.


How To Draw Sobble Step 7

Step 7

At the end of each of his arms, we will need to draw sobble’s curved hands that sort of look like beans.


How To Draw Sobble Step 8

Step 8

We will basically repeat the previous two steps to create Sobble’s back legs and feet.


How To Draw Sobble Step 9

Step 9

At this point all we need to do is give Sobble some color. Since he’s a water type Pokemon, naturally he is mostly all shades of blue, with the exception of his yellow crest.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw Sobble with me. If you did, be sure to stop back for plenty more tutorials! Happy drawing!


How To Draw Sobble – Video

If you’d like to watch how to draw Sobble in action, check out this video by Drawing Animals!