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How To Draw Ditto

Hey everyone, today I’ll be showing you how to draw Ditto, Pokemon #132! Ditto is one of the first gen pokemon, and he is famous for being able to transform into any other pokemon at will. He is also one of the easiest pokemon to draw. So grab your pencil and let’s draw Ditto!

How To Draw Ditto Step 1

Step 1

To get Ditto started we will first need to draw a gumdrop shape that has two humps at the top. This shape will form the bulk of Dittos’ body.


Step 2

Next, draw two curves on each side of Ditto’s body for his arms. Ditto usually has one arm that is slightly higher than the other one. Almost like he is waving at you!


Step 3

Next, draw Ditto’s trademark simple face. Two very tiny beady eyes and a thin line for a mouth.


Step 4

Give Ditto some color and he’s all done! I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw Ditto with me. I told you this one would be easy, and I wasn’t lying! Be sure to stop back for plenty more tutorials. Happy drawing!