How To Draw Caterpie Pokemon

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to draw Caterpie, Pokemon #10. Caterpie is an adorable caterpillar-like Pokemon who evolves into Metapod, and eventually, Butterfree. Caterpie also happens to be one of the most recognizable Pokemon in the whole series. So get your pencils ready and let’s learn how to draw Caterpie!


How To Draw Caterpie Step 1

Step 1

To get Caterpie started we will first need to draw a curved shape that meets at a point. This shape will be the rear part of Caterpie’s body.


How To Draw Caterpie Step 2

Step 2

Next, draw two large circles for Caterpie’s head and mouth.


How To Draw Caterpie Step 3

Step 3

We now need to draw another large circle behind Caterpie’s head for his back plate.


How To Draw Caterpie Step 4

Step 4

Next, draw two circles on the underside of Caterpie’s body, and two smaller circles inside each one for his tiny legs.


How To Draw Caterpie Step 5

Step 5

Divide the back side of Caterpie’s body with several curved lines to create body segments.


How To Draw Caterpie Step 6

Step 6

Now we need to draw Caterpie’s trademark “Y” shaped antenna that sits in the center of his forehead.


How To Draw Caterpie Step 7

Step 7

To finish him off, we will now draw two large circles on Caterpie’s head for his eye and pupil, and a small oval shape at the tip of his tail.


How To Draw Caterpie Step 8

Step 8

Lastly, give Caterpie a little color. His body is primarily bright green with a yellow belly and of course, red for his antenna. I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw Caterpie with me. If you did, be sure to share this tutorial on social media and stop back for plenty more. Happy drawing!