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How To Draw Wario

Hey everyone, I’m back with another video game tutorial! In this one I’m going to show you how to draw Wario, Mario’s evil counterpart. Wario has been a staple character since the early 90’s where he first landed in Super Mario Land 2 for the Gameboy. So grab your pencil and let’s draw Wario!How To Draw Wario Step 1

Step 1

To get Wario started, we will first need to draw an oval shape for his head, and below that a fatter oval for his body.

How To Draw Wario Step 2

Step 2

Next, draw Wario’s wide, flat jaw between his head and body.

How To Draw Wario Step 3

Step 3

Draw a wide rectangle across Wario’s jaw for his mouth. Wario is usually showing his teeth, so draw a few straight lines in the rectangle to create the look that Wario is gritting his teeth in rage!

How To Draw Wario Step 4

Step 4

Draw a long jagged mustache sitting right on top of Wario’s mouth. Also, draw Wario’s large round nose in the center of his head.

How To Draw Wario Step 5

Step 5

Now we need to draw Wario’s eyes. Wario has fairly small triangular shaped eyes, with very thick eyebrows above each one.

How To Draw Wario Step 6

Step 6

Next, draw a curved line above Wario’s head, and another curved band running across his forehead for his hat.

How To Draw Wario Step 7

Step 7

To finish Wario’s head we will need to draw a couple of pointed ears, and give him a small tufts of hair on the side of his head next to each ear.

How To Draw Wario Step 8

Step 8

We will move on to Wario’s arms by drawing two large oval shapes extending from between his body and head.

How To Draw Wario Step 9

Step 9

Next, draw another circle at the end of Wario’s arm for his fist, and a similar sized circle peeking out from behind his belly for his other fist.

How To Draw Wario Step 10

Step 10

Using these circles as a guide, draw Wario’s chunky fingers on each hand.

How To Draw Wario Step 11

Step 11

Next, draw two very tiny legs under Wario’s body. His legs should be very short, and bent inward just slightly.

How To Draw Wario Step 12

Step 12

Draw Wario’s small pointed shoes. His shoes should almost look like elf shoes that are wide near the leg and more pointed at the tip.

How To Draw Wario Step 13

Step 13

To complete Wario’s outfit, draw a couple of suspenders, and a curved line running across his body to separate his pants from his shirt.

How To Draw Wario Step 14

Step 14

Finally, Wario needs a little color. Make his trousers purple, his shirt yellow, and his shoes green. And that’s it! Pat yourself on the back, because if you’ve followed all these steps, you just drew Wario! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to stop back for more, and happy drawing!