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How To Draw Inuyasha

Hey guys! I’ve gotten several requests to do a tutorial on how to draw Inuyasha. So for all of you who have been waiting, today is your day. Inuyasha is both the name of a super popular anime and manga series and the title of its main character who is on a quest to find missing jewel shards. Anyway, that’s enough backstory. Time to grab your pencils and let’s learn how to draw Inuyasha!

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 1

Step 1

To get Inuyasha started, we will first need to draw a diamond shape for his head with two crossing lines going through it, and a square beneath that for the outline of his shoulders.

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 2

Step 2

Next, draw Inuyasha’s upper and lower eyelids along the horizontal guideline of his head.

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 3

Step 3

Draw an oval shaped iris inside each of Inuyasha’s eyes, and give him a high arched eyebrow above each eye.

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 4

Step 4

To finish his face, draw Inuyasha’s small nose, and a thin line for his mouth. In this step we will also draw several jagged clumps of hair around Inuyasha’s face.

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 5

Step 5

Next, draw the outer edge of Inuyasha’s hair along with two very large sections of hair that hang next to his face.

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 6

Step 6

Draw two small cat-like ears on top of Inuyasha’s head, and a long line behind his head to form the back part of his hair.

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 7

Step 7

Next, draw the collar of Inuyasha’s suikan, and we also can’t forget to give him a neck!

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 8

Step 8

Draw Inuyasha’s left arm as shown in the image. We won’t be able to see much of his actual arm, since his robe is so large and wrinkly. So we will be relying on the creases in the fabric to form the shape of Inuyasha’s arm.

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 9

Step 9

In this pose we will be drawing Inuyasha crossing his arms. Draw four fingers in the inner elbow of Inuyasha’s arm.

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 10

Step 10

Lastly, we will basically repeat the last step to form Inuyasha’s other arm. There won’t be as much detail showing since it is facing away from the viewer. Also, give him a beaded necklace hanging loosely around his neck.

How To Draw Inuyasha Step 11

Step 11

All that’s left to do now is give Inuyasha a little color. Red for his robe, and a pale purple/gray for his hair and he’s all done! I hope you had fun learning how to draw Inuyasha with me. This one was a little more complicated than the others, so don’t worry if you didn’t get it perfect the first time. Keep at it! And as always, happy drawing!