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How To Draw Bowser

Welcome back to another tutorial! This time we will be learning how to draw Bowser—the resident bad guy who is always stealing Princess Peach. Bowser is a staple of all the Mario games, and he’s one of my all-time favorite video game villains. So grab your pencil and let’s learn how to draw Bowser!

How To Draw Bowser Step 1

Step 1

We will start off easy on step 1 just like all of my tutorials. Draw a large oval for Bowser’s body, and a small circle above it for his head.

How To Draw Bowser Step 2

Step 2

Next, draw Bowser’s wide mouth stretching across his head. This shape is a little hard to explain and it might look confusing, but follow along with the image and it will come together soon.

How To Draw Bowser Step 3

Step 3

Now that Bowser’s head and mouth are placed, erase all the overlapping guidelines from the previous steps. We will also need to draw Bowser’s bottom jaw with a few jagged teeth inside his mouth. Don’t forget to give him a couple small nostrils at this step too!

How To Draw Bowser Step 4

Step 4

Now it is time to give Bowser some eyes. Draw two small half circles above his mouth, and a very thick eyebrow above each of Bowser’s eyes.

How To Draw Bowser Step 5

Step 5

Draw a few small lines in Bowser’s mouth, and a pupil inside each of his eyes.

How To Draw Bowser Step 6

Step 6

Next, draw a couple slightly curved horns on top of Bowser’s head.

How To Draw Bowser Step 7

Step 7

Bowser has a big mane of red fur which we will draw starting between his eyes, and running backward down between his horns.

How To Draw Bowser Step 8

Step 8

At this point, Bowser’s head is basically finished. Now we can draw the outline of each of Bowser’s arms.

How To Draw Bowser Step 9

Step 9

At the end of each arm, draw a large bean shape for Bowser’s hands.

How To Draw Bowser Step 10

Step 10

Using the bean shapes of his hands as your guide, draw Bowser’s short fingers and claws. He has four fingers on each hand, and the claw makes up about half of the total length of each finger.

How To Draw Bowser Step 11

Step 12

Next, draw a few rings around Bowser’s arms, and one around his neck just below his head.

How To Draw Bowser Step 12

Step 13

On each of Bowser’s rings, draw several tiny spikes to give him a mean look.

How To Draw Bowser Step 13

Step 14

Next draw a large half circle shape on Bowser’s back for his shell. As you can see in the image, Bowser also has a wavy border around the base of his shell

How To Draw Bowser Step 14

Step 15

Spikes, spikes, spikes! Draw several more spikes on the back of Bowser’s shell. He really is a bad guy after all!

How To Draw Bowser Step 15

Step 16

Next we will draw Bowser’s legs by drawing two sets of ovals underneath of his body. These should be fairly wide and flat shapes.

How To Draw Bowser Step 16

Step 17

Just like we did for his hands, draw Bowser’s claws on his feet. The difference here is that he only has three claws on his feet instead of the four on his hands.

How To Draw Bowser Step 17

Step 18

Draw Bowser’s short stubby tail behind his shell with… of course… a couple more spikes on it!

How To Draw Bowser Step 18

Step 19

Finally, give Bowser a little bit of color, and he’s all ready to go steal Princess Peach! I hope you had fun drawing Bowser with me. If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to give it a like, share it on social media, and come back for more! And as always… happy drawing!