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How To Draw A Racoon

Welcome back everyone! Today I’ll be showing you how to draw a raccoon. Raccoons are famous for looking like furry little burglars, but I think they’re adorable anyway. So, grab a pencil and paper and let’s learn how to draw a raccoon!

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 1

Step 1

The first step to drawing our raccoon is to draw a large circle for his body, and a smaller oval next to that for the head.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 2

Step 2

Next, draw two tiny almond shaped eyes near the center of the raccoon’s face. Raccoons generally have eyes that are fairly close together in relation to their head size.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 3

Step 3

Next, draw the raccoon’s famous mask that wraps around his eyes.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 4

Step 4

Now we need to draw two small “S” shaped lines at the front of the raccoons face for his nostrils.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 5

Step 5

Next, draw a small curved line extending outward from the bottom of the raccoon’s head, wrapping around his nose, to form his snout.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 6

Step 6

Now we will need to draw two large ears on top of the raccoon’s head, and a jagged line on each side of his face for some fur texture.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 7

Step 7

Draw the outline of your raccoon’s two front legs. Raccoons have slightly odd shaped bodies with legs that are very thick near the body, and very skinny at the end.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 8

Step 8

Repeat the same process to draw your raccoon’s rear legs, making sure to keep the legs very thick near the body and thin near the ground.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 9

Step 9

Draw a thin oval shape at the base of each leg for the raccoon’s feet. His back feet should be quite a bit longer than his front feet.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 10

Step 10

Draw about four claws sticking out of each of your raccoon’s feet.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 12

Step 11

To finish, draw the raccoon’s long bushy tail with several rings running the length of it.

How To Draw A Raccoon Step 13

Step 12

Lastly, we need to give our raccoon some color. As I’m sure you know, raccoons are basically all gray with the exception of their black mask and the dark rings around their tails. And that’s about it! I hope you had fun drawing a raccoon with me. Be sure to share this tutorial on social media if you liked it, and come back for more tutorials every day! Happy drawing!

For a little bit more learning, here’s another method to draw a “cartoonish” raccoon from YouTube user, How2DrawAnimals. Enjoy!