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How To Draw Ryuk From Death Note

Hey guys! For today’s tutorial I am going to show you how to draw Ryuk from Death Note. If you’re not familiary with Death Note, it is a super popular anime and manga series, and it has even gotten its own Netflix adaptation. Ryuk happens to be one of my all time favorite anime characters, so I had a blast doing this tutorial. So without further introduction, let’s learn how to draw Ryuk from Death Note!

Step 1

To get Ryuk started, we are first going to draw an oval with two dividing lines which will become the base for Ryuk’s head.


Step 2

Starting at the middle dividing line (where the arrow is pointing) we are going to draw a long wiggly line across the bottom of Ryuk’s head which will become his top lip.


Step 3

Next, draw another line below his top lip to form Ryuk’s bottom lip. Also, draw in some sharp triangular teeth to complete Ryuk’s mouth.

Step 4

Next we need to draw a line from Ryuk’s bottom lip, up to the side of his head. This will give Ryuk a bottom jaw. Also, draw another oval shape where Ryuk’s jaw meets his head to form an ear.

Step 5

We are going to do the rest of Ryuk’s facial features all in one step. give him a couple of wide circular eyes with a curved line above each eye for his brow bones. Also, draw Ryuk’s skeleton-like nose directly in the center of his face as shown in the image for this step.

Step 6

To complete Ryuk’s eyes, draw a jagged line around each one that almost looks like the shape of flames.


Step 7

Now let’s jump back to Ryuk’s ear and draw a couple squiggly lines for the ear detail. Ryuk also has a trademark heart earring that hangs on his one ear as you can see im the image.

Step 8

Now that Ryuk’s face is basically done, we can begin to work on his hair. Ryuk has very spiky tall hair, so we will need to draw some jagged lines across the top of his skull that extend up past the top of his head.


Step 9

Now we will finish the rest of Ryuk’s hair by drawing some more spikes pointing upward that almost give the illusion of flames.

Step 10

Ryuk’s collar is very different as it looks like his shirt is actually sewn onto his body. To do this, we will need to draw a jagged line in a circle around his head. Also, draw a few small oval shapes to create the look of stitches.

Step 11

Next we will draw some long spkes on Ryuk’s shoulder. These are just for decoration, and almost resemble bird feathers.

Step 12

This step looks like a lot, but it really isn’t so bad! To complete Ryuk, we need to draw a few contour lines on his face, and around his neck as shown in the image.

Step 13

Now to complete Ryuk, we are going to give him a little color, and that’s it! Ryuk is traditionally more black and white, but I used some purple tones to give the image a little more interesting look. Thanks for checking out this tutorial on how to draw Ryuk from Death Note. And as always, happy drawing!