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How To Draw Cuphead Easily

Today’s tutorial is one that any video game fan is going to love! Today I’m going to show you how to draw Cuphead—the main character from the notoriously hard Cuphead video game. This one is pretty simple and straightforward, and this tutorial should be easy enough for artists of all skill levels. So, without further introduction, let’s draw Cuphead!

how to draw cuphead step 1

Step 1

To get Cuphead started, we are first going to draw a half circle which will become his head, and a rounded square beneath that which will be Cuphead’s body.

how to draw cuphead step 2

Step 2

Next, draw a “C” shape on each side of Cuphead’s body right underneath his head to create his arms.

how to draw cuphead step 3

Step 3

At the end of each of Cuphead’s arms, draw two circles for his clenched hands resting on his sides.

how to draw cuphead step 4

Step 4

On each of Cuphead’s hands, draw three lines for his gloves, and three fingers.

how to draw cuphead step 5

Step 5

Now let’s move back up to Cuphead’s face. Draw two large half circles for his eyes, and another small oval in between for Cuphead’s nose.

how to draw cuphead step 6

Step 6

In each of Cuphead’s eyes, draw his oval shaped pupils. Each pupil should have a triangle shape cut out of it, to give him that old-time style. Also, draw a bean-shape near the bottom of his head for Cuphead’s open smiling mouth.

how to draw cuphead step 7

Step 7

To finish off Cuphead’s… um head… We need to draw an L-shaped straw and a C-shape for the handle of the cup. Also in this step you can go ahead and draw two small openings for Cuphead’s shorts.

how to draw cuphead step 8

Step 8

Next, draw two small, thin legs extending downward from each of the leg openings. As you can see from the image, his legs are drawn at a diagonal which gives Cuphead a little more of an interesting posture.

how to draw cuphead step 9

Step 9

Under each leg, draw a small ring which will become the top part of Cuphead’s shoes.

how to draw cuphead step 10

Step 10

For the next step, we are going to draw the rest of Cuphead’s shoes by making a large “almost” bean shape, with a thin line under each one for the soles of the shoes.

how to draw cuphead step 11

Step 11

Finally, give Cuphead a little pop of color. His color scheme is super simple… Just red, white and black. And that’s it! Pat yourself on the back if you followed all the steps on how to draw Cuphead! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and don’t forget to stop back for more… and as always, happy drawing!

Oh, wait! I almost forgot. A while ago I made a video tutorial on YouTube that shows a little bit of a different way to draw Cuphead. Check out the video I made below, and if you like that consider subscribing to my YouTube channel!