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How To Draw Stimpy From Ren And Stimpy

How To Draw Stimpy From Ren And Stimpy

draw-stimpyToday we are going to be learning how to draw Stimpy, from the 90’s classic cartoon, The Ren and Stimpy Show. This was a new request that I just found in my inbox, and Ren will be coming up soon too. So let’s get going!









how-to-draw-stimpy (1)To get Stimpy started, we’re going to first draw a simple bean shape. This will be the base for Stimpy’s body which we will build on in the coming steps.










how-to-draw-stimpy (2)Near the top half of Stimpy’s body, draw a large oval for his nose, and beneath that, draw a very large “W” shape for his smiling mouth.










how-to-draw-stimpy (3)To finish drawing Stimpy’s mouth, draw the top part of his cheeks, and his large tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth.










how-to-draw-stimpy (4)Next, we need to draw two triangular shapes on either side of Stimpy’s face for his ears, and two humps at the top of his head which will be his eyebrows.










how-to-draw-stimpy (5)To make Stimpy’s eyes, draw two simple circles with a line running around the outside of them. This line will separate the space around Stimpy’s eyes from the rest of his body, which will be a different color.









how-to-draw-stimpy (6)Now we need to draw Stimpy a set of legs. Do this by making two very large ovals, roughly the same size as his nose, and connect them to his body with very short, curved legs.









how-to-draw-stimpy (7)We are going to draw Stimpy’s arms in two parts. First, draw two lines extending downward from his body to form the upper part of his body, and draw a ring around it for the base of his glove.









how-to-draw-stimpy (8)Secondly, draw four outstretched fingers to complete Stimpy’s arm and hand.










how-to-draw-stimpy (9)Repeat the previous two steps to give Stimpy his other arm.










draw-stimpyFinally, color Stimpy red and grey with blue for his nose, and he’s all done! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to stop back for more!