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How To Draw Crash Bandicoot Step By Step

How To Draw Crash Bandicoot Step By Step

Draw-Crash-BandicootToday we are going to be learning how to draw one of my all-time favorite video game characters, Crash Bandicoot! I have spent so many hours of my childhood playing Crash Bandicoot that it’s unbelievable, so I really enjoyed doing this tutorial. Let’s get started!












How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (1)The first step to drawing Crash Bandicoot is to draw a large teardrop shape. This shape will become Crash’s head and body.













How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (2)Next, draw a large triangular shape extending from the top of the teardrop from the first step. This shape will serve as an anchor for Crash Bandicoot’s nose and mouth.












How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (3)Next, draw a line that extends from the tip of Crash Bandicoot’s nose, and wraps around to give him a smiling mouth.













How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (4)To finish his mouth, draw a few crossed lines to give the effect of teeth, and draw a large circular nose at the end of Crash Bandicoot’s snout.













How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (5)Next, give Crash Bandicoot a couple simple legs. As you can see from the image, one leg looks shorter than the other. That’s because we will be drawing Crash at a slight angle toward the viewer.












How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (6)We will be drawing Crash Bandicoot’s shoes in two separate steps. First, draw a large oval at the end of each of his legs, with a line connecting his leg and feet to form an ankle.












How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (7)

Secondly, draw a line across the bottom of each of his shoes to give them a sole. Also, draw two rectangular straps across the top of each of Crash Bandicoot’s shoes.












How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (8)Now it’s time to move on to Crash’s arms. Just like his legs, you can see that one arm looks much larger than the other one. This larger arm will be the one that is closest to the viewer.












How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (9)On the larger arm, draw a fist as shown in the image. As you can see, there is a line that runs across the right side of Crash’s fist which will form his glove.













How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (10)To make Crash Bandicoot’s other arm, draw a triangular shape at the end of his arm. Draw four slender fingers extending from that triangle.













How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (11)Next, draw two very large pointed ears on top of Crash Bandicoot’s head, with a large tuft of hair sticking up between them.













How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (12)To finish off his face, we will need to draw two circles for Crash Bandicoot’s eyes. Keeping the perspective correct, we need to draw the eye on the left much larger, as this eye will be closer to the viewer.












How-To-Draw-Crash-Bandicoot (13)Finally, draw two more circles inside each of Crash Bandicoot’s eyes for his iris and pupil, and give him two very bushy eyebrows.













Draw-Crash-BandicootGive him a little color, and Crash Bandicoot is ready for an adventure! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it!