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How To Draw Aku Aku From Crash Bandicoot

How To Draw Aku Aku From Crash Bandicoot

draw-aku-aku-crash-bandicootFor today’s tutorial we’re going to be learning how to draw Aku Aku, Crash Bandicoot’s famous adventure buddy. Aku Aku has been around since Crash Bandicoot’s debut in the mid 90’s. And while he never says too much, Aku Aku has become a character that almost everyone recognizes. Let’s get going!










how-to-draw-aku-aku (1)To get Aku Aku started, we’re going to draw a square that tapers downward a little bit. Since Aku Aku is just a flat wooden plank, we will need to draw a line running down the left side of his face to give Aku Aku a little depth.











how-to-draw-aku-aku (2)Next, we need to draw two large ovals for Aku Aku’s eyes. Underneath of his eyes, draw two banana shapes which almost make Aku Aku look like he has bags under his eyes.











how-to-draw-aku-aku (3)Next, draw two large rectangles to give Aku Aku thick eyebrows. We also need to draw a large triangle between his eyes for his pointed nose.











how-to-draw-aku-aku (4)We are going to draw Aku Aku’s mouth in a few parts. First, draw a rectangle running across the bottom of his face. This rectangle will be his lower lip.











how-to-draw-aku-aku (5)Next, draw a large “M” shape above Aku Aku’s lower lip to give him an upper lip.












how-to-draw-aku-aku (6)

To finish off Aku Aku’s mouth, draw three vertical lines between his lips to give him some teeth. Also, draw a small tuft of hair at the bottom of his face for a little goatee.











how-to-draw-aku-aku (6-1)Next, draw an oval-shaped feather sitting on top of Aku Aku’s head. Draw a few notches in the sides to give it a more feather-like appearance.











how-to-draw-aku-aku (7)Repeat the previous step five more time to give Aku Aku the rest of his feathers.











Finally, give Aku Aku a lot of vibrant colors, and he’s all done! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to check back for more!draw-aku-aku-crash-bandicoot