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How To Draw The Batman Logo

Batman LogoToday I’ll be showing you how to draw Batman’s logo in five simple steps. I received this request after my earlier tutorial on how to draw the Superman logo. Luckily for you Batman fans, his logo is one of the easiest to draw! Let’s get started!




How to draw Batman logo step 1To get Batman’s logo started, we will first need to draw a carrot shape. This shape will be the center of the logo, and eventually will form both the head and the tail of Batman’s logo.

How to draw Batman logo step 2

Next, draw two sharply pointed ears at the top of your carrot shape from the previous step.

How to draw Batman logo step 3

Erase any overlapping lines and draw two lines extending from each side of the carrot shape. As you can see, the lines begin by curving upward in a half moon shape, then each line extends straight out. These lines will form the top of the Batman logo’s wings.

How to draw Batman logo step 4

Next, draw two curves that run from the tip of the wings, downward to the tip of the tail. Symmetry is key with the Batman logo, so try to make each side as close to the same as you can.

How to draw Batman logo step 5

Now that you have the entire Batman logo drawn, you can erase any overlapping lines that were left over from the previous steps.

Batman Logo

Finally, color in Batman’s logo black or very dark gray and it’s all done! As you might know, over time there have been many different variations of the Batman logo, but for this approach I’ve decided to go for the more modern one. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! Keep drawing!