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How To Draw CatDog Step By Step

How To Draw CatDog Step By Step

Draw CatDog Step By StepToday’s tutorial covers one of my favorite childhood shows of all time! We are going to be learning how to draw CatDog! This step by step tutorial was really fun to do, and it brought back lots of memories of watching CatDog back in the day. Let’s get going!







How to draw CatDog step 1To get CatDog started, we will first need to draw two parallel lines that curve upward. These lines will form CatDog’s long body which connects the two characters.







How to draw CatDog step 2Next, we will draw the outline for each of their heads. First, draw Cat with a flat head, and then draw Dog with a semi-oval shaped head.








How to draw CatDog step 3Now it is time to begin giving CatDog some facial features. We will start with Cat first. Draw two triangular ears that sit on top of Cat’s head. We will also give him a grinning mouth at this point too.







How to draw CatDog step 4The rest of Cat’s facial features are pretty straightforward. Give him two large circular eyes, and a very large oval shaped nose. To finish his smile, draw about four or five lines in his mouth to give him teeth.







How to draw CatDog step 5Now we will move on to Dog. First, give him an oval ear that defines the back of his head. Also, draw a large circle at the end of his face for Dog’s nose.







How to draw CatDog step 6To finish Dog’s face, draw two large ovals for his eyes, each with a very small pupil pointing toward Cat. Also, we will need to give Dog three oval shaped teeth along the side of his face.







How to draw CatDog step 7Next we will be moving on to CatDog’s legs. They have very simple legs which are just thin stalks with a small semicircle shape for the foot.








How to draw CatDog step 8Following the same process as the last step, draw CatDog’s other three legs.








Draw CatDog Step By StepAll that’s left to do now is to give CatDog a little color. CatDog should be a light shade of brown, with several large darker brown spots all over.