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How To Draw Pikmin

draw-PikminToday’s tutorial is one for the Nintendo fans out there—we will be learning how to draw Pikmin. Pikmin originally was released for the Nintendo Gamecube, and became a huge hit. Since then, Nintendo has released several sequels, and fans still can’t get enough of these cute little guys! Let’s get started!









how-to-draw-pikmin (1)To get our pikmin started, we will first need to draw a large oval shape that is open at the bottom. This will be our pikmin’s head.











how-to-draw-pikmin (2)Underneath the head, draw another oval which will become the body of our pikmin. The body should be roughly the same height as the head, but only about half as wide.










how-to-draw-pikmin (3)Pikmin have super simple arms and legs. We will be drawing this guy in a running pose, so give him one leg that’s sticking straight out.











how-to-draw-pikmin (4)Repeat the previous process to give your pikmin his other leg, but draw this one pointing backwards. This will give the impression that your pikmin is in a full sprint!










how-to-draw-pikmin (5)To draw your pikmin’s arms, make a two lines pointing outward from beneath the head. These lines should come together at the end to form a triangular shape.











how-to-draw-pikmin (6)Give your pikmin a hand by drawing an oval shape at the end of his arm. And you can give the impression of fingers by drawing a couple points at the end of pikmin’s hand.










how-to-draw-pikmin (7)Repeat the previous two steps to give pikmin his other arm and hand.











how-to-draw-pikmin (8)Each pikmin has a stem coming off the top of their head. We will make this stem by drawing two lines that curve backwards. Each of these lines should be about the same length as the pikmin’s head, and should come together near the end.










how-to-draw-pikmin (9)Each pikmin has some different type of flower or plant at the end of their stem. For this particular one, we will be drawing a leaf at the end. To make this, draw a large arrow shape at the end of the stem you just drew.










how-to-draw-pikmin (10)We are going to jump ahead a bit for this last step. Pikmin have super simple faces—just a pointed nose, and two large oval eyes.











draw-PikminFinally, color your pikmin whatever color you like (I chose red for this one), and he’s ready for action! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, don’t forget to comment and share on Facebook and Twitter!