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How To Draw Katz: Courage The Cowardly Dog

How To Draw Katz: Courage The Cowardly Dog

Katz-Courage-Cowardly-DogToday’s tutorial is going to be another request—how to draw Katz from the cartoon show, Courage the Cowardly Dog. Katz is such a sleek, cool antagonist in the show and he’s definitely one of my favorite characters. Another great thing about Katz (as you can probably tell by looking at him) he’s super easy to draw! Let’s get started.














how-to-draw-katz-courage (1)To get Katz started, we will begin by drawing an upside down triangle shape for his head. This will give him the exaggerated feline look that he is known for. Underneath Katz’s head, draw a large oval shape which will become the midsection of his body.














how-to-draw-katz-courage (2)Next, draw two simple triangular ears on top of Katz’s head, and connect his head and body by drawing a very thin neck.















how-to-draw-katz-courage (3)Katz is very thin and lanky, so we need to give him two incredibly thin and long legs coming down from his body. Draw Katz’s legs bent forward just slightly to add to his sly appearance.














how-to-draw-katz-courage (4)Next, erase any overlapping lines you have up until this point. We also need to give Katz some feet. Draw his feet by making a three leaf clover shape at the bottom of each leg.














how-to-draw-katz-courage (5)Exactly in the same way we drew Katz’s legs, we need to give him some arms. Katz’s arms should be about the same width as his legs, and we will be drawing them bent backward at the elbow just a little bit.














how-to-draw-katz-courage (6)Draw Katz’s three fingered hands much in the same was as his feet from earlier. The main difference here is that Katz’s hands are a little larger than his feet, and his fingers curl in a little bit.














how-to-draw-katz-courage (7)At this point our drawing is definitely starting to look like Courage’s enemy, Katz! Let’s give Katz two whiskers on each side of his face, and draw a very long slender tail behind him.














how-to-draw-katz-courage (8)To finish Katz, draw a couple very thin oval shaped eyes, and draw a line at the bottom of his face to give him a nose.















Katz-Courage-Cowardly-DogColor Katz in his dramatic shades of red and purple, and he’s all done! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it! Keep drawing!