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How To Draw Baymax from Big Hero 6

How To Draw Baymax from Big Hero 6

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Today I’m going to be doing another reader request—Baymax from the Disney movie Big Hero 6. I absolutely adore this movie, and Baymax is so super cute, that I just couldn’t pass up doing a tutorial. Let’s get going!

How-To-Draw-Baymax (1)

To get Baymax started, we will first need to draw a large egg shape. Baymax is a very round, almost balloon-like character, and this shape will be the midsection of his body.










How-To-Draw-Baymax (2)On top of Baymax’s egg-shaped body, draw a fairly small oval. This will be Baymax’s head.











How-To-Draw-Baymax (3)Next, we need to give Baymax some arms. Draw two very large ovals, one on each side of his body. We will be drawing Baymax waving to the camera, so on the left side of his body, we will be drawing the oval pointing upward.










How-To-Draw-Baymax (4)Baymax has pretty simple fingers. All we need to do to make his fingers is to draw four squat ovals at the end of his arm.










How-To-Draw-Baymax (5)Repeat the same process to give Baymax fingers on his other hand. However, we will only be drawing a couple ovals here, as his hand is hanging near his body at an angle.










How-To-Draw-Baymax (6)Baymax’s legs are also super simple, like the rest of his body. To make his legs, just draw two large ovals that are touching each other at the bottom of his body.










Baymax-Big-Hero-6Finally, give Baymax his face by drawing two plain black ovals with a line connecting them in the middle. I’ve added a little shadow to give him a round figure, but otherwise Baymax is plain white.

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