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How To Draw A Spongebob Jellyfish

How To Draw A Spongebob Jellyfish

Spongebob-JellyfishGet ready for possibly the easiest tutorial I have ever made! I’ve had a couple requests to do a Spongebob jellyfish drawing tutorial in the past—but this is such an easy one that I have just been putting it on the back burner. Until today! Let’s get started.









draw-spongebob-jellyfish (1)To get our Spongebob jellyfish started, we will first need to draw a sort of half-moon shape which will be the bell of the jellyfish.










draw-spongebob-jellyfish (2)Next, draw another line that sits a bit below the bell to connect the open space that we made in the previous step. This will form the base for the jellyfish’s bell.










draw-spongebob-jellyfish (3)Now we can draw the tentacles of our jellyfish. Unlike real jellyfish, the tentacles on the ones in Spongebob’s world are actually pretty short. They should only be about as long as the height of the jellyfish’s bell.









draw-spongebob-jellyfish (4)Repeat the last step and give your jellyfish three more tentacles. Also, unlike a real jellyfish, the ones in Bikini Bottom only have a few tentacles.









draw-spongebob-jellyfish (5)Give your jellyfish about three or four different sized spots on the side of it’s bell. These don’t have to be perfect circles or ovals, rather the spots should look a little wobbly. So don’t worry about perfection!









draw-spongebob-jellyfish (6)On the opposite side of the bell of your jellyfish, draw another larger oval, This will be a highlight which will give our jellyfish a shiny appearance. You can also draw a small curved line near the bottom of the jellyfish’s bell to give it a crease.









Spongebob-JellyfishTo finish your jellyfish, color him in a pale shade of pink, and color the spots a darker purple. And of course, this is Spongebob’s world, so don’t forget the trademark Hawaiian flowers in the sky!