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How To Draw Elsa From Frozen

Elsa-FrozenAfter about a million requests, I’ve finally broken down and made another tutorial for you Disney fans. Today we’ll be learning how to draw Princess Elsa from Frozen. Let’s get started!











To get Princess Elsa started, we’ll first need to draw a circle for her head. She is at a slight angle, also known as a 3/4 view in this pose. So draw two lines that intersect as shown to give the effect that the ball is facing away from the viewer slightly.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (1)

Next, Draw a curved chin at the bottom of the circle from the first step, and draw two lines extending downward to make Elsa’s neck.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (2)

We are going to get the hardest part out of the way first—Elsa’s hair. To get her hair started, draw a sort of “M” shape across the top of her head for her hairline.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (3)

From the center of this hairline, draw about five or six lines swooping backwards across the top of her head.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (4)

Next, follow the lines in red in the image below to close the gaps in Elsa’s hair from the last step.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (5)

We are going to draw Elsa’s trademark thick braid in two steps. First, draw six “U” shaped sections of hair extending past her neck. This will actually form the inside sections of her braid.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (6)

Now, following the lines in red, go through on each side of the braid and close up each section of Elsa’s hair. Also, draw the bottom oval shaped section of hair at the end of Elsa’s braid.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (7)

Since we won’t actually be drawing Elsa’s entire body, go ahead and draw a couple downward curving lines extending past the bottom of the page for Elsa’s shoulders.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (8)

Now here’s where the lines in Elsa’s face come in handy. We are going to start her eyes by drawing two thin ovals along the horizontal line of Elsa’s face.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (9)

Above each of those ovals, draw two larger ovals which will be placemarkers for Elsa’s eyelids and her eyeshadow color. These should be just slightly larger than her actual eyes.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (10)

Give Elsa her well-defined eyebrows that sit just above the area of her eyeshadow. The eyebrow on the left should sit a little higher, and curve upward just a little more than the eyebrow on the right.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (11)

We can erase the crossing lines of Elsa’s face now, we don’t need those anymore. Also, draw two circles in each of Elsa’s eyes for her pupils and iris. In this step we are also going to draw an “L” shape in the center of her face for the outside edge of Elsa’s nose.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (12)

Next, draw two small curved lines as shown to finish Elsa’s nose. Also, give Elsa a very thin smiling mouth that sits a bit closer to her nose than to her chin.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (13)

At this point, Elsa is just about done. All we have to do next is add two lines across her chest to form the upper part of her dress.

how-to-draw-elsa-frozen (14)

Finally, give Elsa some color, and she’s all done! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to draw Olaf from Frozen!