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How To Draw Purple Minion From Despicable Me

How To Draw Purple Minion From Despicable Me

Despicable-me-purple-minionIt’s been a while since my last tutorial, but I’m back into the swing of things with another reader request. Today we’ll be learning how to draw the evil purple minion from the movie Despicable Me. Let’s get going!




how-to-draw-purple-minion (1)

To get our purple minion started, we’ll first need to draw a simple square shape for his body.


how-to-draw-purple-minion (2)

Next, draw a curved line in the middle of your minion’s body for his lower jaw. Also, draw two smaller squared underneath his body which will be his stubby legs.


how-to-draw-purple-minion (3)

Next, give your minion two small simple shoes.


how-to-draw-purple-minion (4)

These minions have very long arms that drag along the ground. Make one long arm on the side of his body by drawing a large “L” shape.


how-to-draw-purple-minion (5)

Next, give your minion a simple mitten or glove shape for his hand.


how-to-draw-purple-minion (6)

Repeat the previous two steps to give your minion his other arm and hand.


how-to-draw-purple-minion (7)

Draw two lines crossing beneath your minion’s jaw to give him his overalls. And draw a large ring in the center of his head for his eyeball.


how-to-draw-purple-minion (8)

To finish your purple minion’s eye, draw a line crossing through the center for the eyelid, and a small half circle beneath it for the iris and pupil of the eye. Also, draw a line extending from each side of the ring to form the band of his goggles.


how-to-draw-purple-minion (9)

We’re hitting the home stretch now! All that’s left to do now is to give your minion some wild troll-like hair, and draw about four or five jagged teeth on this lower jaw.



Color your minion his trademark purple and black, and he’s all done! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial!