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How To Draw Leafeon

leafeonToday we’ll be continuing with the Eeveelution series by learning how to draw Leafeon, Pokemon #470. Let’s get started!







how-to-draw-leafeon (1)

To get Leafeon started, we’ll first need to draw a bean shape which will become his body, and a large circle which floats above for his head.

how-to-draw-leafeon (2)

On the rear of the bean shape from the first step, draw a curved line that cuts through the middle of the shape to form a thigh. Beneath that, draw a long oval for Leafeon’s rear leg.


how-to-draw-leafeon (3)

Next, draw a long leg extending from the center of his body, coming down parallel to Leafeon’s rear leg.


how-to-draw-leafeon (4)

Repeat the previous two steps to form Leafeon’s other two legs which are facing away from the viewer. For this pose, Leafeon’s other front leg will be slanted backwards just slightly.


how-to-draw-leafeon (5)

Next, draw two lines connecting the body and head to form Leafeon’s neck, and draw two very large triangular shapes for his ears.


how-to-draw-leafeon (6)

Next, draw a very large, jagged tail. We are going to draw Leafeon’s tail in a broken, jagged fashion to give the illusion that is is one giant leaf.


how-to-draw-leafeon (7)

Like all the eeveelutions, Leafeon’s face is extremely simple. Just two large almond shaped eyes, and a small triangle for a nose.


how-to-draw-leafeon (8)

Now that we have the majority of his body complete, we can start to add some of the leaf details that give Leafeon his name. Draw a large swirl sticking directly up between his ears, with a couple spikey shapes behind it. Also, draw one more diamond shape in each of Leafeon’s ears.


how-to-draw-leafeon (9)

Next, draw several protrusions sticking out from Leafeon’s body. We’ll color these green to look like leaves in the coming steps.


how-to-draw-leafeon (10)

To finish the details, draw a few lines running down the middle of Leafeon’s tail, and draw two lines on each foot to separate the toes.



Give Leafeon some color to finish him off. Give him a base of yellowish-gold, with green tips on his tail and ears. Color his feet brown, and Leafeon is all done!