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How To Draw Jolteon

JolteonRecently I received a request to do each of the Eeveelutions. So to kick this off, let’s start with Pokemon #135, Jolteon. Let’s get started!










How-To-Draw-Jolteon (1)

To get Jolteon started, we’ll first need to draw a large bean shape for his body, and a simple circle above that for his head.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (2)

Next, draw two lines extending from the bottom right side of the oval of Jolteon’s body to create a thigh.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (3)

Finish Jolteon’s leg by drawing a thinner section below the part of the leg you last drew. This leg is pointing backwards to give Jolteon a more aggressive pose.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (4)

Repeat the last two steps to give Jolteon his other rear leg. As you can see from the image above, we need to draw this leg pointing a little more forward than the first one.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (5)

Now we’ll move on to Jolteon’s front legs. Draw two lines beginning near the center of his body, and extending to the outline of his body—just where his rear leg begins.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (6)

Draw the second half of Jolteon’s leg, ending in a small circle for his front paw.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (7)

Give Jolteon a forward pointing leg, using the same process that you used to draw the rear legs.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (8)

To get Jolteon’s face started, draw a curved line to the right of his head for a nose, and continue this line to form a jagged edge around the bottom of his head.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (9)

Draw another much larger jagged line below the previous one, to create an almost lion-like mane. Be sure to keep these lines sharp to give the effect that Jolteon is electric.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (10)

Add another jagged tuft of fur near the rear of Jolteon’s body.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (11)

Next, draw two rabbit-like ears that point backwards just slightly.


How-To-Draw-Jolteon (12)

To finish Jolteon’s face, draw a very simple almond shaped eye, with a large oval for his open mouth.



Give Jolteon his trademark yellow and white coat, and he’s ready for action! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to check out the rest of the Eeveelutions!