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How To Draw Froakie Pokemon X And Y

How To Draw Froakie Pokemon X And Y


I’ve gotten tons of requests to do a tutorial on how to draw Froakie, after posting the one on Chespin recently. Froakie is Pokemon #656, one of the three X and Y starters along with Chespin and Fennekin. Let’s get started!


How-To-Draw-Froakie (1)

To get Froakie started, we’ll need to draw a small oval for his belly, and a very large, flat oval on top of that which will become Froakie’s head.


How-To-Draw-Froakie (2)

Next, give Froakie two frog-like legs that end in ovals for his feet.


How-To-Draw-Froakie (3)

We’ll give Froakie some eyes by drawing two very large ovals on the top of his head. Draw another oval inside each of these which will outline his actual eyeball.


How-To-Draw-Froakie (4)

Next, draw two lines beginning near Froakie’s shoulder, and continuing down to his feet for his arm. These lines should point outward which will give us the beginning of Froakie’s hand.


How-To-Draw-Froakie (5)

Now, draw three fingers connecting the open space from the previous step.


How-To-Draw-Froakie (6)

Repeat the previous two steps to give Froakie another arm. As you can see from the image above, I drew his other arm upwards, like his traditional pose.


How-To-Draw-Froakie (7)

Froakie has sort of a mane of puffy white fuzz. Almost like a cloud. Draw several puffs around his neck and shoulder area.


How-To-Draw-Froakie (8)

We’re going to condense the rest of this tutorial into one last step to finish Froakie. Give him a simple upward curve for a smile, and two downward curves to look like Froakie’s eyelids are giving a happy expression. Draw two circles in the center of his head, for a nose, and a stripe running from his nose to the back of his head.



Color Froakie blue and white, and he’s all done!