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How To Draw Espeon

espeon-01I’m in the middle of doing a tutorial on how to draw each of the Eeveelutions. So, to keep this train rolling, today we’ll be learning how to draw Espeon, pokemon #196. Let’s get started!

How-To-Draw-Espeon (1)

To get Espeon started, we’ll first need to draw a simple oval shape which will be the bottom half of his body.


How-To-Draw-Espeon (2)

Next, draw two upward curved lines to layout where the midsection of Espeon’s body will be.

How-To-Draw-Espeon (3)

Draw a circle sitting on top of the lines you drew in the last step. This circle will become Espeon’s head.


How-To-Draw-Espeon (4)

Espeon’s legs are some of the simplest legs you’ll ever draw. They are nothing more than a very simple stretched oval shape, with no paw at the end.


How-To-Draw-Espeon (5)

Draw another leg that’s only partially visible behind the first leg, and draw a small semicircle for Espeon’s rear leg.


How-To-Draw-Espeon (6)

To get Espeon’s tail started, draw a very long “S” shaped line extending from the back of his body.


How-To-Draw-Espeon (7)

Draw another line that follows the first line, and splits Espeon’s tail into two ends.


How-To-Draw-Espeon (8)

Espeon has massive ears just like the rest of the eeveelutions. Draw two very large triangular shapes on top of Espeon’s head, each with a slightly bent tip.


How-To-Draw-Espeon (9)

Draw another smaller triangle inside each ear to complete them, and draw two large tufts of hair on the sides of Espeon’s face.


How-To-Draw-Espeon (10)

Espeon’s face is also very simple. Two almond shaped eyes, and a small circular gem in the middle of his head, and his face is complete.



Color Espeon a pail pinkish purple, and he’s ready to join the others! Thanks for reading!