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How To Draw Chespin Pokemon X And Y


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Pokemon tutorial, and I’m ready to get back into gear! Today we’ll be learning how to draw the grass type Pokemon, Chespin — #650 from the X and Y Generation. Let’s get started!









How-To-Draw-Chespin (1)


To get Chespin started, we’ll first draw a circle for his head. Chespin’s body is very short and squat, so we will draw a simple, almost triangular shape that widens at the bottom.












How-To-Draw-Chespin (2)

Next, draw four equal size ovals for Chespin’s arms and legs.












How-To-Draw-Chespin (3)

Chespin has a few leafy protrusions sticking out from his head. To make these, draw a circle inside his head which will become the outline of Chespin’s face. And draw seven pointed oval shapes around his face for the leaves.












How-To-Draw-Chespin (4)

Chespin always has a happy look to him— so draw a large oval shape for his open, smiling mouth.












How-To-Draw-Chespin (5)

Now draw two half circles inside Chespin’s mouth for his teeth and his tongue. Also, draw another small triangular shape above his mouth for his rabbit-like nose.












How-To-Draw-Chespin (6)

We will finish Chespin’s face by drawing two long oval shapes for his eyes, and three triangles for the darker pattern on his face.












How-To-Draw-Chespin (7)

We’re going to jump ahead a little bit to finish Chespin. All that we have left to do is to give him a short tail, and draw a couple lines on his hands and feet to give him fingers and toes.














Lastly, give Chespin a little brown and green color, and he’s all done! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! I have a few more Pokemon ones coming up soon!