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How To Draw A Fennekin

Hello Everyone!

Today I will show you how to draw the cute new Pokemon Fennekin! This tutorial is done in a personal style. However, you are more than welcome to use your own style, twists, and alterations. I actually encourage you to try out different things too!

Lets get started!

First, we are going to start by sketching out a circle and an oval. These will be the basic shapes for the head and the body.

Then, we are going to start sketching out the legs. Draw 2 large ovals in front. Also, draw a wider oval on the back.

Next, we will add the rest of the hind legs by adding more ovals and begin the neck.

Great! Now start to shape out the muzzle of this little one. After, begin to add shapes for the ears and tail.

Almost there! Now begin to add some fur to the cheeks, back legs, and even neck if you wish. This is also a good step to start the face by adding the nose. 

Next, start to shape the inside of the ears and legs. Also, add some little paws and an eye.

Add the fur to the inside of the ears. After, clean up the sketch and add a pupal and a mouth.

Feel free to change up the expression to make it  look fierce, silly, or anything else!

The sketch is now complete! Next, we will clean up the sketch to make the drawing look crisp and clean You can use an eraser, pen, or even drawing tablet.

Time to color Fennekin however you like.
Then you are finished!