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How To Digitally Paint A Background: Hills

How To Digitally Paint A Background: Hills

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a background for your characters quickly and easily using any digital painting program. Today we’re painting grassy hills. Let’s begin!

1. Paint a gradient.

Using a large airbrush, paint a gradient with the sky color up top and the hill color at bottom. Since it’s a sunny day, I’m using sky blue and grass green.


 2. Shade to suggest the hill shape
Using a blue-violet and a watercolor-like brush, I painted in some hump shapes for the hills.

 3.  Define the form

Go in and carve out your shadows with a lighter green.
The closer you are to the sky, the less contrast you want to use. So use colors that are closer to the color of the sky in your hills farthest away. On the closer hills, use a more vibrant grassy green. This will give the illusion of depth.

 4. Start adding texture

Using a lighter green and short strokes, start adding a rough texture to the hills to simulate grass. The hills in the back will need less texture, if any at all.

 5.Continue adding texture

Gradually add more brush strokes as you move toward the front. You can also blur in areas for a softer look.

6. Detail

Add some detail to your hills. I added some flowers here and there and then painted in clouds. Finally, I added the shadows that the clouds would cast on the hills. And you’re finished!