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Drawing an Apple

For this tutorial I’m gong to show you the step by step progress for drawing this apple. I started off with a real apple in front of me as a reference material before removing it from sight and drawing from memory.

 I used the program Paint Tool Sai which can be purchased from the offical website at:  http://www.systemax.jp/en/sai/

Brushes Used: Brush tool (default)

 Step 1: Background

I decided to start off with a neutral colour for a background. Because I knew I was painting a red apple I put a red tinge into the gray as it was guaranteed not to clash too much.

Then I clicked on new layer as I won’t be altering it until later.

Step 2: Blocking in shapes

 Here I’ve blocked in the rough shape of my apple and put the colours I want all my colours to be based around as a reference up the top. It’s a good idea to have your main colours in a separate layer so as you work you know what colours you’ve got to work with.

Step 3: Laying down markings

 Next I’ve used the green and added some yellow to roughly mark where I’ll put markings onto my apple.

Step 4: Add saturated colours

 For this step I got a more saturated red and just started going over some areas with the red. I also used a really dark red to draw the stalk. Because the default brush moves paint around, if you start at the base of the stalk and paint strokes upwards you’ll get the green mixing with the dark red to produce the lighter bottom of the stalk.

Step 5: Refine markings

 I blended in the colours some more and used a slightly smaller brush to refine the markings including a more saturated green.

Step 6: Add Shine

 Here I finished refining the apples markings, added some shine to the apple and worked on the tissue it’s sitting on

Step 7: Unifying the colours

For this step I added all of the colours into the background as well as putting some of the background colour into the apple. This helps unify the colours on the picture making it more interesting to look at.

 I’ve also added some more shine to the apple

Step 8: Adding Shadow

 Now that the apple is finished I’ve added blue shadow throughout both the apple and the background. The reason I used blue is that if this apple were outside then all the shadows would be a shade of blue because of the skys reflections.

 So far this is what we have, if I was wanting just the apple that was my reference, all I’d do is clean up the left edge of the apple and that’d be my finished product.

Important If you want to continue the tutorial then merge all the layers (excluding colour pallete), then copy and paste the layer so you have two copies as you’ll be bringing back this version of the apple later.

 Step 9: Overlay

I created a new layer, changed it to overlay and used the bucket tool with the darkest blue from the colour pallete on step 8.

Step 10

I lessened the layer opacity so the overlay wouldn’t be quite so harsh. I also went over the stalk edge with the brightest blue from step 8 so it doesn’t blend in too much with the background. On the right edge of the apple I’ve added a bit of bright reddish white to define it a bit more

Step 11: Final Tweaks

1.Using the magic wand tool I cut out the background. I then:
2. copied the layer
3. used Ctrl+Z to bring back the background
4.  pasted the apple without background moving it to be the top layer
5.  brought back step 8’s apple, put step 8 apple behind everything
6. Put the layer with the background overlay down in opacity to show some of the colour from step 8 in the background
7. took off some of the left side of the apple


 Thankyou for reading, if you have any feedback on how I can improve my tutorials feel free to tell me in the comments here or send me a note on deviantart: emberguard.deviantart.com