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How to draw Toad from Super Mario Bros

How to draw Toad from Super Mario Bros

Do you remember playing Mario trying to catch one of this? Well now we will learn how to draw a cute toad :3 Just in four easy steps! 

Step one:
Draw a cup. As simple as that! his head in this case is form with the shape of a cup, not complete for sure, really easy to draw, do it with curvy lines and a little bit square in the bottom. 

Step two:
Imagine that the cup is wearing a hat that covers all of his head. Draw a big circle for the hat and make it look like as I said, it were covering the head.

Step three:
Create a group of circles as many as you like in the new “hat”. This will be the bunch of circles that mushrooms use to have.

Step four:
Draw two long ovals for the eyes, and add a line in white color for the shine in the eye.
What more can I say about Toad? It is really easy to draw, you can painting as you like, and you can even change the design of his “hat”. There are so many ways you can draw it, just give it a try! And have fun doing it!