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How To Draw My Little Pony Characters

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to draw ponies, unicorns and pegasi in the style of My Little Pony. You’ll be able to draw the main cast of the show, or create your own pony characters.

 1. Draw the head and curve of the body.

Draw one big circle for the  main part of the head, and a little circle attached to it for the muzzle.

Then draw a curvy line, kind of an L shape, which you will follow for the pony’s body. On the left my pony will be standing on four legs, and on the right my pony will be standing up on two legs.

 2. Draw internal structures

On the curvy line, draw one circle under the pony’s head, and another one a little bit larger on the end of the curvy line.

I also added ears and eyes to my ponies. To draw the ears, draw curvy triangles on top of the head. And remember that the ponies from My Little Pony have big, shiny eyes!

3. Draw the legs

For the front legs, draw one long curvy triangle starting from the smaller body circle. You can also draw them with a bend in the middle.

For the back legs, draw two triangles starting from the big circle, one that’s attached to the circle pointing down, and another next to that triangle, pointing up. Draw the second triangle towards the back part of the pony.

 4. Flesh out the body

Now you want to give your stick pony some mass. Follow the neck line down to the first circle, then create a tube between it and the second circle. Then go around the legs in the same fashion so all the shapes are connected.

 5. (Optional) Add wings or unicorn horn

For a unicorn, draw a cone shape on the pony’s forehead.

For open wings, follow the steps in example A. If you want to draw folded in wings, follow the steps for example B. Place wings in the middle of the pony’s back.

6. Draw mane and tail

Give your pony a mane and a tail. You can draw them long or short, straight, wavy or curly. Ponies’ manes grow from the top of their head down their neck. Usually, the bulk of the mane falls to one side.

 7.  Clean up your sketch

Erase all the shapes you don’t need from when you were constructing your pony. Then clean up and redefine your lines as needed.

 8. Add the cutiemark

All ponies earn a cutie mark when they find their special purpose. Draw a cutie mark on the flank of your pony.

9. Color your pony

After some final touch-ups, give your pony some color and shading. My Little Pony characters can be any color of the rainbow!

And there you have it. Now you can draw your own ponies or your favorite characters from the show! Happy drawing!