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How to draw a cute Hamtaro (Hamster)

How to draw a cute Hamtaro (Hamster)

Hi there! In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a simple but cute Hamtaro!

Let’s get started! 

Hamtaro´s shape is simple. Start doing a big circle for the head, two smaller circles for the ears and for the body imagines that you are drawing a “sleepy pear” (lay down for sure) Draw two ovals for the paw and two lines close to the center that represents the frontal paws.
Ok now we have our shape! It is time to brush up the lines and start doing the real shape. Ears and head are connected, so this is why I didn’t separate the ears from the head, living the space that connected them. Do the frontal paws but give it some shape adding smalls fingers, for that you just have to draw curvy lines 😉
Follow the lines from the oval that we did before and draw the fingers, the same way as we did before for the front.

Finally its time for the body! Remember the body-pear? Now lets make it have sense! The body from half of it to top it’s a little bit fat, so try to draw this as if it were the pear, curvy but not as literal as a real pear! Be careful with that!
Curvy in the left and the right, representing the top and bottom of the pear (Which is the body) and curvy in the center representing the legs :3
Now that we have our full shape we don’t need the bases lines (which are the lighter ones) so just erase it if you are drawing in a design program. Ok so now everything has more sense J we can see clearly the lines and we can draw now the finale parts.
Draw two big circles for the eyes and two lines in each cheek which are the mustaches.
For the mouth imagine that you are drawing a number 3 (lay down for sure J ) it’s the easiest way to draw a hamster mouth, and do not forget the nose! A simple curvy line its fine for this.
Do not forget to draw the tail, I did it as a really little one! (on the left side)
And finally its time for painting!
Remember how Hamtaro is? His skin is not dark and the colors are all connected. You can paint it as you want to for sure, but if you want to use the original colors you can paint it like me :3
Orange ears and a kind of yellow-white skin. The orange covers part of the yellow-white, so be careful with that also.
Choose a pink color for the ears, and try to paint this in the bottom part. Paint the paws, for the frontal ones just paint a little bit, remember that the paws are just little.  
Select the zone for the eyes and choose two colors, one for the eye color and another one for the pupil.

Paint the tail with the same color for the paws and for the eyes..Make it shine! Just creating three circles; one big, other smaller than the big one, and another smaller than the last one you will obtain cute eyes really fast J
And that’s all!
 Now we have a simple but cute hamtaro.
Good luck with your drawing! :3