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How to draw a chibi Sakura Haruno

How to draw a chibi Sakura Haruno

Hi there! This tutorial will show you how to draw a cute Sakura Haruno from Naruto Shippuden! Just following this easy steps, you will have it in some minutes and trust me, it’s really simple. 

 Ok here we go!

I did this in a program call “Paint Tool Sai” so it is digital work.

But it works as well if you want to learn how to draw 😉


-Create a background layer (just in white)

-Create a layer above for the sketches

-Create a linework layer above
-Start drawing!

Ok you will be agree with me, this is the easiest step of all. Start doing a big circle; Why? because a big head is common in any chibi’s style, do not forget to do the guide lines.

Now continue with the body. The chibi’s body can be skinny or fat, in my case I like to draw chibi’s kind of fat because I think they look more cute like that. So draw a circle below the head of the body, draw two small circles below this one for the feet and next to the body, draw to long ovals for the arms. 

So now we have our sketch. I draw the shape above the circles that we were doing, it works as a guide to do a better body shape. 

For the hair just add a bunch of hair in the front part and follow the same shape of the head, creating the short hair around this. 

When we finally reach our goal, which is having all the sketch ready NOW you can feel free and enjoy drawing! Follow each line that you did, but of course just the important ones.


Important ones: The ones that will stand out.

Not important: The lines just that works as guide.

Remember the first two lines that we did for the head? Well now follow this lines to make the eyes, I advice you to repeat the line next to this one depending on how big you want your eyes, this is so that you wont commit any mistake in the angles and the draw does not look weird.

Draw a smile, a sad mouth or as you like it but dont do it too far from the center line and too close neither.  

The shirt, the skirt, the arms and the legs are done just by following the lines, but remember lines are a guide and just that, do not let that lines makes your hand too tough for drawing, remember to do it  fluently. 

Add some more details, I did the shoes so easy, just a line that represent the shoes, and for the arms I draw that particularly piece of clothe that Sakura has in her arms.

So now were are just done!

Erase the guide lines if you are drawing in paper or eliminate or hide the layers if you are drawing with the Paint Tool Sai. We have a clean draw now.

Start the painting if you like. I usually create a carpet with lots of layers in it, separating every color from each other and start painting  At the end I create another group of layers for all the shadows (in a carpet of course) So I wont get confused but its your choice 😉

So thanks for reading! 

Enjoy your drawing!