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Drawing Hands

Hands are one of body parts that many artist struggle to perfect. A lot of artist complains they can’t draw hands very well, but all there is to drawing hands very well is studying how the hand can pose and it’s shape as well as practicing. In this tutorial I will try to approach drawing hands in the most simplest and practical ways I can.

Step 1: 
Starting with mapping your fingers. We’re going to draw four circles to locate the pointer middle thumb and pinky fingers.

Step 2:
Draw connecting curves for the hands.You can see on your hand where it curves at the base of the finger. Draw a base for your hand. Here I have the image on the right draw box like to show it’s dimension.

Step 3:
Now draw the finger joints. As you can observe on your own hands there are three joints on your fingers. These are how your fingers bend.

Step 4:
Draw the thumb joints. Here I’m drawing the hands as relaxed as possible and in a neutral pose position.

Step 5:
Now sketch an outline of your hand following your guides. You may have to readjust positioning of the fingers while sketching to get it looking just the way you want.

As you can notice the fingers are not pointy. This is a common thing that is done for beginner artist learning to draw hands. They draw pointy fingers. Fingers aren’t pointy, they are curved.

Final Step:
Detailed outline or inking, Here’s where you trace over the sketch with a darker pencil or an ink pen. Add in the details need, such as hand life lines, curves where the fingers should bend.

Final Tips:
These image here shows how the fingers uniform to a curve at the tip. As you can see the pinky is the shortest finger second to the thumb. The pointer is shorter than the ring finger and the middle finger is the longest.

Remember to keep the fingers proportionate regardless of hand size. Chubby hands will have chubby fingers that looks stubby. Dainty hands would have longer fingers to represent a females hands though it can be used for males that have effeminate features.

Hope this tutorial helps you tackle the problems of drawing hands.