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Chibi Styles Part 1

Chibi means small so no wonder there are various character are drawn this way. It’s too cute. Before it was called chibi, it was known as SD or Super Deformed.This article is not much of a tutorial but more of a guide to many chibi styles.

For this guide I am going to use the Vocaloids I drew to showcase the different chibi styles drawn.
Most chibi proportions are no taller than three heads. The general consensus for a chibi proportion is 2-3 head size.
Here’s Kagamine Len at 2 head size. The arm proportion reaches halfway up his head and the width of his legs are widen though it details out to look like he’s got feet. 
His hands are not very detailed but does have curves to note his fingers.
Most chibi characters are drawn without noses to give that “aww so cute effect,” though adding a dot to where the nose would be position is still as effective. As you can see with the image.

Here is a chibi that is 3 head size. I usually draw a lot of my chibi characters this size. You can see that the body portions are proportionate size to a toddler. The arms length is a full head size as well as the torso and the legs.

The legs flare out at the feet almost like Bleedman’s leg style. The arms  flare out  just a little but gives more details to stubble fingers.

I had to redraw this Miku because I had a power  outage and didn’t save after I finished my first Miku, which is shown in the header image.

Though I think this Miku turned out great.

I did find this style of chibi is quite popular, where the legs and arms are very thin. No details to the hands or feet, but with  my history I made tiny little curves to detail toes on Miku’s feet. The body style is very slim as well.

So here below is a video on the process of drawing these chibi. Len was not captured in the video, but both Miku version were. If you have any questions feel free to ask.