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How To Draw Lady Rainicorn From Adventure Time

How To Draw Lady Rainicorn From Adventure Time

Today we’re going to learn how to draw Lady Rainicorn from the cartoon Adventure Time. It has been a little while since I’ve posted a regular “how to” tutorial, so I figured what better way to get back into the swing of things than by doing an Adventure Time tutorial?


To begin with, we’ll first need to draw a large sort of squiggly ribbon shape for Lady Rainicorn’s rainbow-like body.

Next, draw the outline of her narrow head with a small smiling mouth near the bottom edge of Lady Rainicorn’s head.

Also, give Lady Rainicorn two very thin arms right below her head.

Just the same way you drew her arms, draw Lady Rainicorn’s two very thin legs at the end of her long body.

Give her a long mane of flowing hair that starts at the top of her head, and ends near the middle of Lady Rainicorn’s body.

To finish off Lady Rainicorn’s head, draw a large circular eye with a single highlight in the center, and give her a large pointed horn right above her eye.

Finally, draw a very small tail near at the end of Lady Rainicorn’s body. This tail should be about the same length as her legs.

Give Lady Rainicorn her rainbow colored stripes, and color her hair yellow, and she’s all done! And remember, if you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to share it on facebook, twitter, and with your friends!