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How To Draw Flame Princess From Adventure Time

How To Draw Flame Princess From Adventure Time

I’ve been away from Draw Central for a little bit, but we’re getting back into the swing of things by showing you how to draw Flame Princess from Adventure Time. Flame Princess is a very simple character to draw– just like all the Adventure Time characters, and a lot of fun as well.

Let’s draw!

The first step in drawing Flame Princess will be to draw a circle for her head, and a long hourglass shape below for her body.

Next, give Flame Princess two long arms that start out fairly wide near her body, and taper off to a very thin point at the end where her hands should be.

Now, draw two long locks of hair which frame the circle of Flame Princess’s face.

Finish Flame Princess’s hair by drawing a large fire-like tuft of hair sticking straight up from the back of her head.

Draw a few lines running in a criss cross pattern across her body to form Flame Princess’s dress.

Finally, draw two large diamond shaped gems, one on her head, and the other on Flame Princess’s dress.

Finish Flame Princess’s face by drawing two simple dots for eyes, and a “U” shaped mouth.

Color Flame Princess shades of red and orange and she’s all done!