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How To Draw A Cartoon Fish

We’re going to be learning how to draw a cartoon fish today, as part of my “50 Cartoon Animals” book set to be released soon.

Let’s get going!

To get our cartoon fish started, we’ll first need to draw a large oval shape for the body of the fish.

Near the front of the fish’s body, draw two upward curved lines for the smiling mouth, and the gills.

As you can see, there’s an empty space. I’ve left this open for the cartoon fish’s eyes.

Next, draw two large oval eyes filling up the empty space in the cartoon fish’s head.

Directly above the eyes, draw a sort of “M” shape to form eyebrows.

Draw a large fin running down the center of the fish’s back with several vertical lines running through it.

Finally, draw two circular fins, one at the back of the fish, and another right behind the fish’s gills.

Each of these fins should have a few lines running through them, just like the fin on its back.

Color your cartoon fish whatever color you like and give him some water to swim in!