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How To Draw Gunter From Adventure Time

How To Draw Gunter From Adventure Time

Today we’ll be learning how to draw Gunter from the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time. These Adventure Time tutorials have been some of the most requested on Draw Central, so let’s not waste any more time!

As with most of the Adventure Time tutorials here, drawing Gunter will be extremely easy.

To get Gunter started, we’ll first need to draw a oval shape with a flat bottom for his body– almost like a gumdrop.

Next, draw Gunter’s two small flippers on either side of his body.

Now we’ll need to draw a line that starts at the top of Gunter’s head, and continues to the bottom of his body. This line will serve as the dividing line between the black and white areas of his body.

Next, draw a thin carrot shape for Gunter’s beak.

Finally, give Gunter two large circular eyes on either side of his beak. Gunter’s eyes should be nearly perfect circles, that are solid black with two circular white highlights.

Color Gunter off-white and black, and he’s all done!