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How To Draw Dee Dee From Dexter’s Laboratory

How To Draw Dee Dee From Dexter’s Laboratory

Today we’ll be learning how to draw Dee Dee from the Cartoon Network show, Dexter’s Laboratory. After my post on how to draw Dexter, several readers requested this one.

Let’s get going!

To get Dee Dee started, we’ll first need to draw a sort of half circle shape for her head. This shape should be flat at the top, and end in nearly a point at the bottom.

Beneath her head, draw a long, thin triangle which will become Dee Dee’s legs later on.

Next, give Dee Dee a thin arm hanging at her side with three fat fingers sticking outward.

To make Dee Dee’s shoes, draw a large figure 8 shape beneath the triangle of her legs.

Next, draw a line separating Dee Dee’s legs, and give her a very small dress that sits directly below her head.

Give Dee Dee some hair by drawing two very large puffs on each side of her head. You can also draw a small oval shaped ear on the side of Dee Dee’s head.

Give Dee Dee two very large circular eyes with large oval shaped pupils.

Finish off Dee Dee’s face by drawing a small triangular nose with a thin smile below it, and give each of her eyes three long eyelashes.

Color Dee Dee pink and white to form her dress and shoes, and she’s all done!