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How To Draw Cinnamon Bun From Adventure Time

How To Draw Cinnamon Bun From Adventure Time

Since the Adventure Time tutorials are so popular around here I thought I’d show you how to draw Cinnamon Bun– a minor Adventure Time character.

Let’s get going!

To get Cinnamon Bun started, we’ll first need to draw a large, bumpy oval shape for his body.

Next, we need to draw another smaller oval shape inside Cinnamon Bun’s body. This line will divide Cinnamon Bun’s frosting covered face from the rest of his body.

Next, draw two short legs beneath Cinnamon  Bun’s body. His legs and feet should all be one continuous shape.

Next, draw a bumpy mouth in the center of Cinnamon Bun’s face.

Give him a few teeth, and a semicircle for a tongue.

Draw two arms that are nearly the same size and shape as Cinnamon Bun’s legs.

Also, give him two tiny circles for eyes.

Next, draw a few lines surrounding Cinnamon Bun’s eyes to make it look like they are pressed into his face, and give him a couple thin eyebrows.

Give Cinnamon Bun some color, and add him to your collection!