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How To Draw A Cartoon Stingray

Today we’ll be learning how to draw a cartoon stingray. This tutorial will also be featured in my book, “How to Draw 50 Cartoon Animals”.

Let’s get started!

To get our cartoon stingray started, we’ll first need to draw a large oval shape for his body, with a long tail sticking out from behind. The tail should be just about the same length as the cartoon stingray’s body, and curve just a little.

Next, draw one of the large fins of the cartoon stingray. You can draw this one pointing downward. As you can see in the image on the left, the fin curves underneath the body just a little to form the bottom part of the stingray’s mouth.

Next, draw the other stingray’s fin bending upward above its head.

Erase the intersecting line between the oval of the stingray’s body, and it’s fin, leaving just a little bit of the line left over to form a small smiling mouth.

Give your cartoon stingray two large oval shaped eyes on the top of its body.

Finally, draw a round pupil in each of the stingray’s eyes, and give him two thick eyebrows.

Color your cartoon stingray in, and give him a nice water setting, and he’s all done!