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How To Draw A Cartoon Monkey

Today we’re back on the cartoon animal tutorials with how to draw a cartoon monkey. This tutorial is a great one for kids and adults alike– or just anyone who likes monkeys!

Let’s get started!

To get our cartoon monkey started, we’ll first need to draw a sort of squash shape for the head.

As you can see, this shape is a little wider on the bottom than the top.

Next, we need to outline the face of our cartoon monkey inside the head, and draw two small circular ears.

Now that we have the head of our cartoon monkey nearly complete, it’s time to move on to the neck and shoulders.

Draw a very short neck extending from the bottom of the monkey’s head, and draw two arms pointing toward the ground.

Next, give your cartoon monkey two small fists with four fingers on each.

Sitting right next to the monkey’s fists, draw two feet that are standing up parallel to the cartoon monkey’s body.

Draw a couple lines connecting the cartoon monkey’s feet to his body to form short legs.

Also, draw an “M” shaped line between the monkey’s arms to form the lighter area of his belly.

Next, give your cartoon monkey two large oval eyes, and draw a large smiling mouth across his face.

To complete the cartoon monkey’s face, draw two thin lines under his eyes for nostrils, and give him a curl on top of his head.

Finally, draw a long curvy tail.

Color your monkey, and all he needs now is a name!