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How To Draw A Snail

Today we’ll be learning how to draw a snail. Now, I’m not that big on bugs… but if I had to say so, snails are one of my favorites. Technically they’re not bugs at all, they’re mollusks like squid and octopus. Anyway, enough biology… let’s get going!

To get our snail started, we’ll first need to draw a long slender shape that is flat on the bottom, and tapers off to a point at the back.

This will be body of the snail before we add the shell.

Next, draw a large circle– almost a helmet shape on the back of your snail. This, of course, will become the snail’s shell.

Give your snail’s shell its trademark spiral that coils tighter and tighter as it moves toward the center.

Finally, draw in two thin eye stalks at the top of the snails head, two small feelers near the front of the head, and a few wavy lines to suggest the snail is moving along the ground.

Color in your snail whatever color you like. Personally, I chose neutral shades of brown. However, snails come in a huge array of colors.