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How To Draw A Kawaii Mushroom

How To Draw A Kawaii Mushroom

Today’s tutorial will be how to draw a kawaii mushroom. This tutorial was requested a couple times shortly after I posted the tutorial on how to draw a kawaii cupcake and sushi.

This is literally one of the easiest drawings you’ll ever do, so strap yourself in!

To get our kawaii mushroom started, we’ll first need to draw his large mushroom cap. This cap should be mostly circular, with a small fringe extending along the bottom, to give it that trademark mushroom shape.

Next, draw two lines extending from the bottom of the cap to form the stem of our kawaii mushroom.

Draw two simple circles for the mushroom’s eyes. Be sure to make your circles as close to perfect as possible. Uniform shapes and clean lines are the key to drawing great kawaii art.

Next, draw in the mushroom’s trademark kawaii “W” shaped mouth.

Draw another half circle beneath this “W” shape to give your mushroom an open smiling mouth if you want.

Finally, color him in, give it a background, and your kawaii mushroom is all done!

Keep in mind that kawaii art is VERY colorful, so don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and add some great color to your drawing!