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How To Draw Jerry The Mouse

Today’s tutorial will be how to draw Jerry the Mouse, from the cartoon Tom and Jerry. Jerry is a sneaky little mouse who lives in Tom cat’s house and always manages to outsmart Tom at every turn.

Let’s get going!

To get Jerry started, we’ll first need to draw a large circle for his head, and a bean shaped oval below it for his body.

Next, draw two short arms between Jerry’s head and body. For this pose we are going to be drawing one of Jerry’s arms up, and the other pointing downward.

At the end of Jerry’s downward pointing arm, draw a sort of clover shape for his closed fist.

Next, draw Jerry’s other hand with the traditional four cartoon fingers.

Draw two very stubby legs at the bottom of Jerry’s body. As you can tell from the image on the left, one of Jerry’s legs is sticking out just a little further than the other. This helps to suggest a very exaggerated pose.

Next, draw two small ovals at the end of his legs with a small line running down the center of each for Jerry’s feet.

Draw another large oval that takes up the majority of Jerry’s stomach which will be a lighter patch of fur.

Give Jerry his trademark massive ears. The ear that is facing the viewer should be nearly the same size as Jerry’s entire head. To suggest that Jerry’s other ear is farther away, draw a thin oval instead of a full circular ear.

Now, draw the beginnings of Jerry’s nose and mouth.

Give Jerry two large cheeks to make it look like he is smiling, and a small triangular nose in the center of his face.

Next, draw Jerry’s large oval eyes with two thin eyelashes at the top of each one.

Give him two small eyebrows above his eyes, and Jerry’s face is done.

Finally, give Jerry a very thin tail extending from the back of his body, color him in light brown, and you’re all done!