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How To Draw Ice Bird From Angry Birds Space

How To Draw Ice Bird From Angry Birds Space

Today’s requested tutorial is another fun one. We’ll be learning how to draw the ice bird from Angry Birds Space. This angry bird is a fan favorite, and lives up to its name by looking just like an ice cube.

To get our Angry Bird started, we’re first going to draw a simple cube for its body.

Next, draw two rectangular shapes on the top side of the cube. These will be the icicle feathers of your angry bird.

Draw two more similarly shaped feathers on the back of the cube as well.

Next, draw a long curved triangle starting near the center of the cube, and extending past the outline just a little.

Now draw another triangle shape beneath the first one to complete the angry bird’s beak. Also, draw two nearly perfect circles sitting on top of its beak.

Darken in two pupils in the center of each of the angry bird’s eyes, and give him two thick, rectangular eyebrows.

Finally, color your angry bird in an icy shade of blue, with a few streaks of white for highlights, and add it to your collection!