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How To Draw Eevee, Pokemon

Today’s requested tutorial will be how to draw Eevee– Pokemon #133. Eevee is a favorite among Pokemon fans. Maybe because he’s so cute, or maybe because he has so many different evolutions. Either way, let’s get going!

To get Eevee started, we’ll first need to draw the base of his head. His head is composed of not much more than a simple circle that extends outward near the bottom just a little bit to form his jaw.

Underneath Eevee’s head, draw a large, heart-shaped tuft of fur. Be sure to make the outline of this fur collar a little jagged to give the impression of fluffy hair.

Next, draw two simple oval shaped legs directly below Eevee’s fur collar. His legs should be very close together, touching near his ankles.

You can define Eevee’s feet by drawing two short lines at the end of his legs to divide his toes.

Next, repeat the same process to give Eevee his rear leg. The only difference between Eevee’s front and rear legs is that his rear one is angled backward just slightly.

Now draw another small shape between Eevee’s front and back leg to give the illusion that there is another rear leg in the background.

Also, draw Eevee’s large, rabbit-like ears that sit on top of his head, fairly far apart from each other.

Draw another oval shape inside each of Eevee’s ears to define their inner edges.

Draw a few jagged lines on top of Eevee’s head, between his ears to create a little messy fur.

Next, draw Eevee’s extremely large teardrop-shaped tail. His tail should be about the same size as his head, and ends in a white tip.

Draw two large ovals in the center of Eevee’s head for his eyes. His eyes should be entirely black, except for a small “U” shape near the bottom of each eye which will serve as a highlight.

The rest of Eevee’s face is extremely simple. Draw a very small triangular nose between his eyes, and a thin wavy mouth to give him a slight smile.

Color Eevee in and add him to your Pokemon collection!