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How To Draw A Cartoon Rhino

How To Draw A Cartoon Rhino

Today’s requested tutorial will be how to draw a cartoon rhino. Like my other tutorial on how to draw a cartoon turtle, this will also be a great tutorial for seasoned pro’s and kids alike.

Let’s get going!

To get our cartoon rhino started, we’ll first need to draw a large shape that almost looks like a squash. This will be the head of our rhino.

This shape should bulge out on either side at the bottom just a little to form large jowls near the bottom of the rhino’s head.

Next, draw a large square shape that curves inward on the sides just slightly for the body of your rhino.

We’re going to make our cartoon rhino in a seated position. To do this, draw two small ovals at the bottom of the body for his feet, and two cylinder shapes for arms. This will give the effect of the rhino resting his arms on his legs.

Next, draw a “V” shape at the bottom of the cartoon rhino’s head for his top lip, and a large teardrop shape above it for his horn.

Give him a small tail poking out from the side of his body with a little tuft of fur at the end.

Next, give your rhino two large oval eyes with a couple circular highlights in the middle.

Finally, draw two very small ears on top of your rhino’s head, and give him two thin eyebrows.

Color your cartoon rhino, and add him to your collection!